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Manhattan as seen from the top of Empire State Building  
Tour De France on my motorbike
by Gino
"As seen from the top of Empire State Building"
by Anton Muller
by JP Bajerski 
Ghost towns of the Old West - America
Quiet Antwerp
by Gilbert
Gost Towns of the Old West - America
by Steve Bingham
Nikon 28-300 AF-S VR for birds in flight
by Stany
Belgium Pathfinders
by Dany Jacobs
by Pamela Meier 
Old wool painting factory in Dolhain -Belgium
by Rudy Duslier      
Old DSLRs are like wine, they just become better...
Having fun with D1h in 2013. 
   Tamron 24-70 F2.8 VC user review